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Which indicators are shown?

The Cryptomood terminal shows you the following indicators:

  • Social sentiment (SS)
  • Social sentiment EMA (SS EMA)
  • Social sentiment RSI (SS RSI)
  • Social sentiment positive volume (SSPV)
  • Social sentiment negative volume (SSNV)
  • News sentiment (NS)
  • News sentiment EMA (NS EMA)
  • News sentiment RSI (NS RSI)
  • News sentiment negative volume (NSNV)
  • News sentiment positive volume (NSPV)

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Where does the terminal price data come from?

CryptoMood’s price data is sourced from Cryptocompare.

Why does it look like we are missing data from some coins?

Occasionally you may see that data is either unavailable or delayed for some assets. This is primarily due to a lack of data and volume for the asset. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies and not all of them have the same amount of social media buzz and news which makes it impossible for us to create reliable indicators.

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